Welcome to the online shop of Old Võrumaa

… to browse and purchase unique things — things with the spirit of Võrumaa.

Exciting and diverse — as is the life in Old Võrumaa, so too is the selection of items in the Old Võru online store.

Together within the functional and decorative items offered by the artisans of Old Võrumaa are the nature, patterns, philosophy, and practical and conservative way of life characteristic to the region.

In the everyday items for the home are the archaic flavour, simple solutions and native skills side by side with the wishes of today.

Many of the hand-crafted items in the store are unique, as the functional items are made with the specific user in mind. For several of the items in the e-store, the pictured item is just a sample, and the buyer will need to tell the artisan her wishes and then can begin to bargain. The initial introduction can take place here in the e-shop.